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The Trains of Lodi Station

The trains used at Lodi Station are unique and one of a kind.  Hand crafted to the finest detail, these trains pay homage to the craftsmanship and dedication evidenced in their cousins from days of yore.
The Sophie, as she is lovingly called, hails from the land of Shakespeare in Stratford on Avon, England. This train even uses the traditional 4-4-0 wheel configuration that was used in the hay day of the railroad industry. This means that two axles are at the front of the train and another two axles are in the rear-middle of the train, with no wheels in the rear.
The Victoria also comes to us from England. Just as her sister train, the Victoria was built by hand, she too is one of a kind. She is an electric train, commissioned as a part of Lodi Station's ongoing effort to be eco-conscious.  As you ride the Victoria, you can experience the thrill of being on the tracks with the sweet Ohio breeze filling the air.

The engines and passenger cars have enhancers with authentic railroad sounds.  For your safety, the train is equipped with state of the art air braking to ensure a secure journey. Each passenger car bears the name of one of Ohio’s historic train stations. These works of art can reach speeds of 15 mph while traveling along the 2 mile track that takes them throughout the center. Even when filled with excited shoppers and avid train aficionados, these trains can be appreciated by all. The craftsmanship is easy to see, even the large rear wheels are works of art. They were crafted from one solid piece of steel for durability and dependability.

Lodi Station Outlets is a 311,478 square-foot turn-of-the-century outlet mall featuring vintage trains and over 60 fabulous outlet stores.  Lodi Station Outlets feature a lineup of nationally-known retail brands, including Aeropostale, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, Gap Outlet, The Children's Place, Bath & Body Outlet, Pendleton, Christopher & Banks and Tommy Hilfiger, among many others.



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